Sunlight Child Services

Sunlight is here for children when they need it most.


Who We Help

These are children who have been neglected and abused.

Their bruises might be hidden, but they are not invisible.

They are in your neighborhood, your church, your family.

Maybe you can’t—or won’t—see them.

The abuse is kept in the dark—but the night can’t last forever.

Physical, sexual, or psychological.

They need someone to reveal, so they can begin to heal.

They need Sunlight.

How We Help

Sunlight is here to keep these children safe.

From the minute they walk through the door, we offer a warm, loving environment.

We help them understand, despite what’s happened, that they matter, that somebody cares.

We have limited time—but the impact can last a lifetime.

When they’re here, they are listened to and protected.

They are allowed—at least for this moment—to just be kids.

And when they leave, they leave knowing that somebody cares.

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How you can join us

Help us help these children.

There’s no such thing as “someone else’s” children—we can’t do this work alone. We don’t need to make anyone more aware—we need people to actually care. We need community advocates, volunteers, and donors to help us shine a light on the devastating effects of child abuse, and be a beacon of hope for those who are recovering.

Be educated on child abuse in your community. It’s happening. It’s here. Learn the signs. Learn how law enforcement and DCF work with organizations like Sunlight.

Whether you donate money or volunteer your time, any little bit helps keep us going, and helps shine a light for children going through traumatic experiences.

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Sunlight is here to provide resources and facilities that support and protect abused and neglected children & their families.

About Our Mission